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Marijuana is both legal medicinally and recreationally. Marijuana users can purchase from state licensed dispensaries or cultivate at home.

Qualifying Conditions for medicinal marijuana:

  • ALS

  • Anxiety

  • Cancer (includes associated chronic pain and/or severe nausea)

  • Chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders

  • Chronic visceral pain*

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Glaucoma

  • HIV/AIDS (includes associated chronic pain and/or severe nausea)

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

  • Migraines

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Muscular Dystrophy

  • PTSD

  • Seizure and/or spasticity disorders

  • Tourette’s syndrome

  • Any terminal illness if a doctor has determined the patient will die within a year

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