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Overview of Chronic Renal Failure and Medical Marijuana

Chronic renal failures possesses symptoms of worsening kidney function and are usually non-specific. These can include feelings of feeling generally unwell and experiencing a reduced appetite. Chronic renal failure is identified by a blood test for creatinine. Higher levels of creatinine indicate a lower glomerular filtrate rate and as a result, there is a decreased capability of the kidneys to be able to excrete waste products. Currently, there is no specific treatment unequivocally shown to slow the worsening of chronic renal failure.

Medical marijuana is a clinically proven alternative treatment option that can greatly benefit individuals who suffer from chronic renal failure. Usually patients who suffer from this condition have dramatic weight loss, reduction of appetite and generally feeling unwell which may lead to other complications. Medical marijuana relieves those who are becoming malnourished with a replenished appetite, reduced spasms that may occur within parts of the body and may alleviate them from any pain they experience

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